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Intellectual Property Protection
The Threat and a Basis for Countermeasures

Without quoting practically unverifiable and therefore meaningless figures, it is true simply to say that the economic impact arising directly from counterfeiting is unbelievably massive and increasing dramatically.

Brand owners have to consider the threat to the validity of their products where a lower quality counterfeit, can lead to a loss of consumer confidence. This is termed ‘Brand Degeneration’ and is a process that is not simply an exchange loss of authentic product sales to the counterfeit items, but also leads to a general decay of total genuine sales in the overall marketplace.

Health & Safety issues are also a vital element of counterfeiting and have to be included in any threat analysis. Whilst pharmaceuticals are naturally one of the most vulnerable sectors, this industry is just the tip of a risk iceberg that includes wines and spirits, foodstuffs, toys and particularly vehicle and aircraft parts.

What then of the countermeasures that brand owners have to marshal to combat this menace? The basis of effective countermeasures is the analysis of any suspected counterfeiting problem as it specifically relates to the particular brand or company and this has to be done exhaustively. It is only when this is complete that protective countermeasures can be considered. 

Professional anti-counterfeiting defence strategies have to contain three major elements: Criminal and Civil law, Intelligence and Investigation and finally Defensive Products and Systems which include publicity.  It is a truism to that each of these three elements is as important as the other and any strategy that employs just one or even two of these elements is doomed to achieve less than required or even outright failure.

Cost efficient anti-counterfeiting programmes involving intelligence and investigation and aggressive legal action quite commonly results in recovery of programme costs in ratios of 10:1 and even 20:1 and higher. When protective products and systems are added to the mix, these ratios can dramatically increase.

For brand owners, we can provide all-embracing, IP Protection Programme Packages, purpose-specific, international intelligence and/or investigation services using our specialised team (ex-Police & Military) as well as protective product consulting and supply.

Protective Products
Eco- Friendly Security Products

  • Self-fit Solar PIR Intruder Lighting

  • Replica CCTV

  • Solar Torches/Flashlights

  • Solvent Free Anti-graffiti Coatings

  • Self-fit Wire-free Solar Alarms

  • Eco-friendly Marker Pens

  • Biodegradable Security Labels

  • Secure Document Recycling

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